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Q&A With NBC News Correspondent Richard Engel

Thank you to all the Newsviners who provided thoughtful questions to NBC News Middle East Correspondent Richard Engel.

I thought that the Q&A went really well. Given the availability of the participants' time on our end, we think that the hour-long format of live Q&A, preceded by opening the thread to questions ahead of time, makes the most sense. What do you think? Next time we'll also do a better job of promoting it on the site, letting users know when the session is to occur. This was a trial run and I think it went really well, given the spontaneous nature of the experiment.

Please give us some feedback about whether or not you would like us to host future Q&A discussions with NBC News and MSNBC correspondents, authors and producers. If so, please give us suggestions regarding who you'd like to hear from in the future. We'll do our best to make it happen!