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Q&A: CNBC's Steve Liesman on the U.S. Economy

The increasingly jittery U.S. economy has had an impact on every facet of American life, from rising food prices to the outcomes of presidential primaries. On Wednesday, the Fed cut interest rates for a seventh straight time, but the aggressive drive to lower interest rates appears to be over. Some questions that remain are: what will it all mean for consumers? Are we likely to see some relief from soaring gasoline and food costs?

I'm Steve Liesman, CNBC Senior Economics Reporter. On Friday, May 2nd from 12:30-1:30 PM ET, I will be answering Newsviners' questions here on this thread, in an attempt to break down some of the biggest 'economic indicators,' and to answer your most pressing questions about the economy. Feel free to start submitting your questions in advance.

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