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Running on Empty: A Nightly News special series

This week, NBC Nightly News will be featuring a four-part series on rising gas prices -- an issue that has hit many Americans especially hard. Tuesday's report will cover how the American auto industry is responding with a shift in focus to develop more fuel-efficient hybrids; on Wednesday, we'll hear from farmers in Des Moines, Iowa, about how high trucking and delivery costs are killing their profits; on Thursday, we'll take a *short* trip with some RV couples who have had to cut-down on their cross-country lifestyle; and on Friday, we'll find out the cost-breakdown of a gallon of gas. MSNBC.com reporter Alex Johnson also details how gas thieves have grown more brazen as gas prices continue to soar.

We're interested in hearing your stories as well. Are you experiencing 'pain at the pump'? How are you handling it?