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How YOU Can Affect msnbc.com Coverage

Hello Folks! It's been awhile since I've written a non-Newsvine Cyborg article, but I thought that I'd point out a recent article that flew under my radar (and apparently, all of yours'), Mike Stuckey's "An inside look at the Gut Check America project". Why is this article important enough that I would write an article about this article? In short, Mike is making us (the Newsvine Community) an offer to give his team at msnbc.com input on which hot-button issues his team should cover next. That's a pretty sweet offer if you ask me. "[T]ell us what matters most to you and how it affects you, your loved ones and neighbors".

You should really read the rest of his article for context, but essentially his team is tasked with a very special mission, to cover tough, complex issues brought to the attention of our news organization through a conversation with our readers. Since Newsvine folks are the most vocal (and in my opinion, the most thoughtful) readers out there - you all are best positioned to push us in the direction of media coverage that matters most to the most important people, YOU!

There is oftentimes criticism of the MSM regarding the stories and topics organizations choose to cover. Well, here's your chance to take action and participate in the process of editorial selection of coverage. Here's how it works (and this is new, so please learn with us):

Newsvine members are welcome to post suggestions here and on Mike's thread about issues and topics they'd like the Gut Check America team to cover. Conversations about those suggested topics are welcome. The Gut Check team will then take the most compelling entries and they'll create a poll for Gut Check America readers to vote on. The entry with the most votes will become the next assignment for the team to tackle (and Newsviners are encouraged to vote, of course). And by 'tackle' I mean tackle. We're not talking about a single story, we're talking about a deep dive on a complex, oftentimes controversial issue. Some of the Gut Check assignments result in investigative reporting and published series that span months, but I'll let Mike (and Mike's article) speak to that.
Fire away!