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Newsvine Q&A: Second Generation Americans

Hi, I'm Paul Cuadros, Assistant Professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication,
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and author of "A Home on the Field: How One Championship Soccer Team Inspires Hope for the Revival of Small Town America".

This week, the NBC Nightly News' "We the People: The Changing Face of America" series will feature one of my soccer players, Oz Contreras, who exemplifies the struggles of the second generation Americans who, as the only bridge between their parents and the newly adopted home, have to learn to thrive in both worlds.

Chances are, you or is someone you know a second-generation American and will be able to relate to some of the issues raised in the series. And as the report suggests, there are well-known challenges to assimilation, but there are advantages, too.

I'll be available to discuss your questions about these and other issues related to immigration starting Thursday, Oct. 16 at 10:00 ET. Please feel free to submit your questions in advance.

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