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Pre-caffeine tech: Harry Potter and the free iPod Touch

Letting a TSA agent touch your junk (purely for security purposes, of course) on Wednesday's "National Opt-Out Day" can get you an iPod Touch.

Stalking your ex on Facebook can cause asthma attacks.

Not paying your bills can cause collectors to Facebook stalk you.

Twitter's new "People" tab will give you tips on who to follow, based on those tweeps you already do.

Whoops! A gallery of images for the upcoming HTC Verizon cell phone momentarily popped up on the Web, and was immediately yanked.

Shhhhh ... Rumor has it Apple's working on a a GSM-CDMA iPad 2 that will work anywhere in the world. Plus, it's even thinner!

Google will school you with the free HTML5 website "20 Things I Learned About the Web."

Slate gives a lesson on whether those Palin girls qualify as "cyberbullies."

Apple isn't happy about a high school kid selling white iPhone conversion kits.

You won't be happy about feeling your mortality after a trip through the Buzzfeed Gallery, "The Harry Potter Trio Throughout the Years."